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"Managing content to keep it fresh, appropriate, and discoverable has never been easier." —Tagasauris

Create and Moderate Content

Want to help ensure that user-generated photos or comments meet your site guidelines? Need to have an article written for your website or newsletter? Want to transcribe a video so it's indexed and discoverable by search engines? Mechanical Turk Workers can help you manage your content so that it is easily discovered by customers.

Moderate Photos and Content

Whether you manage a social media website or a video website, it is up to you to make sure the content shared meets your guidelines. Mechanical Turk Workers can help you moderate content so that inappropriate items are removed quickly.

    Example Tasks:
  • Review content to determine if it meets your site guidelines.
  • Flag content for more-detailed review.
  • Pick the best photo given a set of criteria.

Curate and Create Content

The community of Workers on Mechanical Turk can write, edit, and curate original content to help you jumpstart your site experience so that visitors see a relevant and interesting website.

    Example Tasks:
  • Summarize content or write abstracts of third-party articles.
  • Write articles about specific subjects based on web research.
  • Select relevant photos from publicly available archives.


Have a video or conference call transcribed so that the content is more easily discovered by search engines or shared within your organization.

    Example Tasks:
  • Transcribe an audio recording from a company's quarterly earning's call.
  • Transcribe the audio from a video or podcast.